The benefits of house sharing


Sharing the cost of buying or renting a house or flat and sharing bills is more relevant than ever with today’s property prices. House sharing makes so much sense because on average you can save 50% per person when sharing with just one other person and 60% when you share with 2 or more others. Find out more about what you can save by sharing.

Secure and Supportive
Meeting other people, discussing our lives day-to-day, or sharing news of our successes and current frustrations is always better when there is someone else around. It’s also more secure when someone else is in about even if you don’t see them every day.

It is statistically proven that living with other people and being connected socially can prolong our lives. Research about teh so-called ‘blue zones’ where a disproportionate number of people live to over 100 show that connection to the local community is a key component to a long and healthy life; the benefits are both physical and psychological. As some say, it’s important having ‘another heartbeat in the house’.

Life-affirming and independent
As we get older we start to realise that life is all too short and that we need to get on and enjoy every moment we can. Spending time with other people is one part of that and house sharing can add that dimension rather than living alone. At the same time we fear losing our independence in later life, as it becomes harder and harder to look after ourselves. Preparing for that time by living in a group with others can be the basis for extending the time living independently.

So as we say, ‘It’s Better Living Together’. Why not register and come inside and see who else is interested in a house share?


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