Free Premium membership for parents with children

Inter-generational co-living

If you are a parent with a child (under 16) looking for a room in a shared house or flat (a housemate), then finding a suitable house share is quite tricky. One of the best solutions is to find other mums and dads in a similar situation to ‘buddy-up’ and create a new house share.…

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Add a listing by phone service

Add a room for rent listing or housemate by phone

You can add a listing yourself, but if you need help or prefer not to do it yourself, then we offer a service to add a listing for you.  Just tell us the necessary details by phone or email and we’ll do the rest for you for. The service also includes guidance on how to…

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How to add a free room for rent listing

Listing a room for rent on Cohabitas is free and easy. It takes minutes only. In case you experience difficulties, here is our guide to listing a spare room for rent or a whole property to share. If you still don’t feel able to do this yourself, then we offer a Telephone Registration Service, where we…

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Guide to adding a Housemate listing

Creating a great housemate or room to rent listing

Registering on Cohabitas is free and easy. In case you experience difficulties, here is our a guide to help you register as a Housemate looking for a room. If you still don’t fancy doing this yourself then see our telephone registration Service, where we do it all for you.   Getting started We start by…

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