68% of over 50 home-owners have a spare room


Many over 50 home-owners are downsizing reluctantly due to financial and other pressures of living in a larger house than needed. Yet many have a spare room that they could rent out to save money and have companionship.

Two key messages relevant to house sharing emerged in this survey. One is that many people over 50 (a large minority) have been forced to downsize for reasons of financial cost and not being able to cope with a big house. Secondly, and most interestingly, 68% of repondents said they had 1-2 bedrooms ‘spare’, so these could be released to the market if people felt they could find the right sort of housemate.

So if you are a house owner who wants to stay in your local neghbourhood and also wants to avoid downsizing, then renting out a room could be a solution. You can read the full story here:


You can advertise a room for rent on Cohabitas for free, and can outline the sort of lodger or housemate you would like by detailing your landlord sharing preferences. For help and additional guidance please look at our FAQ pages.


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