Freqently Asked Questions

What information do I provide when I register?
We ask for your gender, your date of birth (only age is displayed), city/town location, email address (not visible on the site) and a preferred user name and password. We also ask you to upload a picture of yourself and, if you have one, to upload a picture of the room in your flat or house that you are offering tor rent/to share in your home.

How will my information be used?
We will securely hold your initial registration details (as noted above) as well as any preferences for house sharing you choose to add to you profile (up to 20 can be added to assist people in finding a good match). This information is kept private at all times and the site is designed to keep your identity protected and managed by you alone.

Can people contact me?
Your email address is completely private and never displayed. If you do want to make contact with another person interested in sharing then you can do this by using the online messenger service provided. Other people can contact you using the message service as well.Remember,  only your username, age and town, plus a profile picture if you provide one, are displayed to the other person, so tings are private until you choose to disclose more personal information. We recommend you do not disclose your location or address until you are ready.

Users can look at profiles (location, age and other sharing preferences you choose to include) and keep a 'shortlist' of profiles they are interested in. When ready, users can 'send a message' which you/they can respond to if they choose - we do ask for response, as a courtesy within the community. You can just look around if you choose, but we hope you will enquire about the room listed and discuss house sharing and the options in your local area with people who you would consider sharing with.

As a part of the terms you agreed to when you registered we also send a fortnightly email with examples of the best rooms to let (picture and profile included), but you can go to My Account and opt out when you choose.

Why do you ask for my age?
We think someone’s age is an important consideration when looking for a suitable house-mate. The site allows users to search for profiles of people within an age range (e.g. 55-65), so registered users need to include their age for their profile to be found in those searches. Other users cannot see your full date of birth, just as you cannot see their's.

Can I delete my details if I don't want to be registered anymore?
Yes, you can delete your profile at any time. Simply go to ‘My account’ in the top right hand corner, select ‘Account settings’ and click ‘Delete profile permanently’.

If I want to find a house-mate together with a friend what should I do?
To sign up as a 'couple' or 'group' you can set up a profile with all of you in the picture and with a group name. Then use the username and password as a single user would.

Once I found someone to share with, will Cohabitas help us to find a place to live?
We can help but you are also free to organise things yourself. Some registered users will be offering a room in their existing flat or house. Additionally you can use established services such as or to help find other properties in your area suitable for sharing.

Do I have to rent a house or flat through Cohabitas?
Not at all. You are free to look for a house or flat on any other property site or through your local estate agent. Our main objective and service is to match you with other suitable house-mates - which we know is the most important part of happy and successful sharing.

Can married people or couples use the service?
Absolutely. If you are married or are a couple looking to share with other people sign-up as a 'couple' and mention what you are looking for in the 'About me' description and in the messages you send to other users. You might meet another couple or single people who want to join you in a house-share and many landlords and flat-mates are happy to have couples.

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