Please register yourself and set-up a listing. If you have questions before registering, or have difficulties, then these support pages are to here to help. They are organised as support for before you register, about using the site effectively, and about general house share advice.

Support before your register

Free Premium membership for parents with children

If you are a parent with a child (under 16) looking for a room in a shared house or flat (a housemate), then finding a suitable house share is quite tricky. One of the best…

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Add a listing by phone service

You can add a listing yourself, but if you need help or prefer not to do it yourself, then we offer a service to add a listing for you.  Just tell us the necessary details…

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How to add a free room for rent listing

Listing a room for rent on Cohabitas is free and easy. It takes minutes only. In case you experience difficulties, here is our guide to listing a spare room for rent or a whole property…

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Guide to adding a Housemate listing

Registering on Cohabitas is free and easy. In case you experience difficulties, here is our a guide to help you register as a Housemate looking for a room. If you still don’t fancy doing this…

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Support using the site

Cohabitas: SpareRoom for over 40s?

Finding a compatible living arrangement can be a challenging task, especially if you are no longer a student or young adult. Traditional house sharing websites often cater to a younger demographic, making it difficult for…

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What is PCM in a room listing?

If you’ve ever searched for rental accommodation, you will have likely come across the abbreviation “PCM” or “Per Calendar Month.” PCM is a standard term used in the property rental market, primarily in the United…

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User FAQ

The Cohabitas FAQ is here help you get the most out of the site. Here are some frequently asked questions about setting up and managing your account and listing. Q1. What do I do if…

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5 Tips for Writing a Great House Share Listing

Writing a great house share listing will ensure you get the best results in finding the right housemates. Here we offer 5 tips of what to include and why. 1. Add a personal photo We…

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House sharing advice

What is shared accommodation?

In recent years, the concept of shared accommodation, commonly known as a flat share, house share or room share, has become increasingly popular as an affordable and sociable living arrangement. Each individual typically has their…

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How much deposit can a landlord ask for?

A guide to deposits: How much deposit can a landlord ask for? Renting out a room as a landlord or finding suitable accommodation as a lodger can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, especially in the…

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Is house sharing right for me?

Whether sharing is right for me is something people ask who have not shared their home before, or maybe not shared for many years. What can I expect? What about my own space? What about…

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Still have questions?

If you have read the User FAQ and are still having difficulties then you can contact one of our support team.